Ways to Support Women Empowering Women
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Sponsorship Opportunities

Women Empowering Women offers multiple sponsorship opportunities to support young women in recovery. For all of our upcoming events, there will be accompanying sponsorship packages available.

Women Empowering Women in Recovery LLC is a 501(c)(3). All levels of Sponsorship are considered tax deductible donations and you will be provided with our tax exempt nonprofit number. The organization exists to provide scholarship opportunities to young women in recovery. Each level of sponsorship has benefits, but all donations will receive recognition in event promotion and scholarship acknowledgement.

  • Empowerment Luncheons: Held 5 times per year (on the second Wednesday) in February, April, June August, December. Our regularly scheduled Professional Development luncheon provides an excellent opportunity to network in the recovery community. The sponsorship levels range from tickets to the event to presentation time showcasing your company.
  • Fashion Show: Our upcoming fashion show event has many exciting sponsorship opportunities for great visibility and go to an excellent cause.
  • Round Table Discussions: Our round table discussions also have more economic sponsorship opportunities for your business or cause.
  • Scholarship Giveaways: The scholarship giveaway event brings some of our largest crowds as we bring in our chosen scholarship recipients and celebrate their new found opportunity.

Our Mission:

Women Empowering Women in Recovery, LLC (WEW) is committed to providing college scholarships to women on their recovery journey empowering them to heal, recover, and know their worth in the world.  Education is something no one can take away from them.

For full details on our Luncheon Sponsorship Opportunities:

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