Meet Our 2018 Scholarship Sponsors and Recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship recipients Genevieve A. Laferrera and Megan Levenberg for having the courage to continue their education.

I would like to thank all our gracious giving sponsors for their generous financial contributions, making this all possible.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude to watch what impact we can truly have when we are motivated by love and recovery. We could not have done this without you and we aren’t done yet!  It is the intention of the entire Board of Women Empowering Women in Recovery, Inc. to become the recognized provider in Florida of college scholarships for women in recovery, transforming as many women as possible and empowering them to make a difference in the world.

Gathered at this table
A garden of love
Blooming from the depths of addiction, a purpose, far greater than the death it caused
We are the students of adversity
We have forged new meaning and created new identity by owning our demons
We are the hero’s by which the wrongs have been made precious
Created in the image of God, a childhood friendship, and deepening bond
A story is being shared and a legacy of empowerment born
You are sitting at the seat of the soul where
Kim Kinkle is alive and blooming in this garden of love


A special Thank you to Amanda Marino our Founder and President for being the vessel that I believe God intended.


Cynthia Weseman
Executive Director
Women Empowering Women in Recovery, Inc.

Genevieve A. Laferrera

Genevieve La Ferrera is a 4th semester nursing student at Palm Beach State college. She will be continuing her education at PBSC for her Bachelor’s degree following graduation in December. She was inspired to go back to school for nursing while working as  a behavioral technician at a drug rehab, where she worked closely with nurses. She loved that there was a career that incorporated medicine and compassion. Genevieve has 7 years of sobriety, after years of substance abuse and relapses. She is an active member of a 12 step program that helps to maintain her sobriety, and continue to grow as a woman.  Her personal struggles have given her the empathy and drive to help others who are suffering physically or mentally.

Genevieve La Ferrera
Megan Levenburg

Megan Levenberg

I am a 27 year old from Minnesota. I was adopted from birth; the product of an addict father and a young mother living in poverty. My birth mom made the selfless choice to adopt me out to try and give me a better life. I was raised by an incredible mom and dad; but sadly my mom passed away when I was 14. Despite my parents best efforts, I wound up falling prey to the disease of addiction myself. By 19 years old I started getting my feet wet in recovery; but it didn’t stick until 2015. In the end of October of that year I was over it all; life as an addict was too much for me and I attempted to take my own life. I nearly succeeded; and I thank god every day for, what I call, my best failure. I have spent every day since then fighting to better my life. I have, by the grace of God, been sober since October 23rd, 2015. My mental health has never been better. I have found recovery from eating disorders and self harm as well as addiction and alcoholism. I am proud to be a student at Palm Beach State College working towards a Bachelors of Education. I am nearly halfway to becoming a middle school english/language arts teacher. I live a life full of gratitude today. All of my dreams, and then some, are coming true. I said yes to the love of my life, managed to get a lease for my own place, and adopted two massive house cats within the past year alone. Life is so beautiful, I can’t believe how far I have come and I can not WAIT to see where my life will go. I look forward to inspiring my future students to love and embrace life and their education. Until then, I plan to just continue to live my life as I have been… one day at a time.

Thank you to our sponsors who are making this event possible! Your donations contribute to our 501(c)(3)’s mission of empowering young women in recovery to pursue the education they otherwise would not have the opportunity to pursue! See our full sponsor list below and learn more about the event on our Facebook Event page.

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