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Women Empowering Women in Recovery Inc., (WEW) is committed to providing college scholarships to women on their recovery journey empowering them to heal, recover, and know their worth in the world. Education is something no one can take away from them.

As part of its mission, Women Empowering Women in Recovery, Inc. is committed to providing scholarships to women attending institutions of higher learning. Through education women on their recovery journey are empowered to heal, know their worth, and create a life of recovery rather than simply sobriety.

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2019-2020 Scholarship

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This scholarship supports

  • Degree seeking Full Time Students or Part Time
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Self identified in recovery from mental health and substance use disorder
It is an ongoing award based on criteria
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Past Recipients of WEW Scholarships

2019-2020 FGCU Recipient: Jessica Betten

Dear Sponsor of the Women Empowering Women in Recovery, Inc. – in memory of Kim Kinkle:

My name is Jessica Betten and I am a graduate student at FGCU currently. I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for your generosity in awarding me this scholarship. I am truly blessed to be in receipt of this honor and will utilize these funds to my benefit in furthering my educational future. I am a single mother in recovery from addiction working hard to rebuild my life and return to school this semester. You have no idea how much this award means to me and encourages me to do well in my transition back into college. The financial stresses that are placed on students are real and I appreciate the ability to have some sort of a safety net financially speaking.

I am trying to return to school and become a drug abuse counselor so I can help others affected in society by the disease of addiction. It is my hope that with my victory over the disease through personal experience coupled with my degree, I will be of maximum benefit to every individual I encounter in this profession. You scholarship is assisting me in making this a realty. I have a new life and a second chance today and I live each day to its absolute fullest now that I am living in the light. I never take anything for granted and spend as much time with my family and daughter as possible. I have even been able to be a light to my mother since coming out of my addiction and she has since followed me into recovery.

I have a heart for recovery and look forward to working with other addicts on building a foundation for their own recovery utilizing my personal experience as well as the educational background I plan to build at Florida Gulf Coast University. The Master of Social Work program will give me the necessary professional ethics and skills needed to be of maximum service to clients in this profession and I am extremely excited to be given the opportunity to do so in the future.

I like to give hope to anyone I encounter that if I can beat addiction, so can you. I feel I already have discovered the tools necessary to do so and would love to be given the opportunity to help others find their own way out of the darkness that is addiction. I also look forward to hopefully helping families of the addicted to find resources and means of dealing with their loved one’s addiction as I strongly believe addiction is a family disease that affects so much more than the person who is addicted.
Thank you for the faith you are showing in me by deeming me worthy of the assistance this is providing me. I am honored to receive this scholarship in honor of Ms. Kim Kinkle and excited to attend your luncheon and let my voice of hope be heard.

God Bless,

Jessica Betten

2018 PBSC Recipient: Megan Levenberg

Megan LevenbergI am a 27 year old from Minnesota. I was adopted from birth; the product of an addict father and a young mother living in poverty. My birth mom made the selfless choice to adopt me out to try and give me a better life. I was raised by an incredible mom and dad; but sadly my mom passed away when I was 14. Despite my parents best eorts, I wound up falling prey to the disease of addiction myself. By 19 years old I started getting my feet wet in recovery; but it didn’t stick until 2015. In the end of October of that year I was over it all; life as an addict was too much for me and I attempted to take my own life. I nearly succeeded; and I thank god every day for, what I call, my best failure. I have spent every day since then fighting to better my life. I have, by the grace of God, been sober since October 23rd, 2015. My mental health has never been better. I have found recovery from eating disorders and self harm as well as addiction and alcoholism. I am proud to be a student at Palm Beach State College working towards a Bachelors of Education. I am nearly halfway to becoming a middle school english/language arts teacher. I live a life full of gratitude today. All of my dreams, and then some, are coming true. I said yes to the love of my life, managed to get a lease for my own place, and adopted two massive house cats within the past year alone. Life is so beautiful, I can’t believe how far I have come and I can not WAIT to see where my life will go. I look forward to inspiring my future students to love and embrace life and their education. Until then, I plan to just continue to live my life as I have been… one day at a time.

2018 PBSC Recipient: Genevieve A. Laferra

Genevieva A. LaferreraGenevieve La Ferrera is a 4th semester nursing student at Palm Beach State college. She will be continuing her education at PBSC for her Bachelor’s degree following graduation in December. She was inspired to go back to school for nursing while working as a behavioral technician at a drug rehab, where she worked closely with nurses. She loved that there was a career that incorporated medicine and compassion. Genevieve has 7 years of sobriety, after years of substance abuse and relapses. She is an active member of a 12 step program that helps to maintain her sobriety, and continue to grow as a woman. Her personal struggles have given her the empathy and drive to help others who are suering physically or mentally.