We are a group of women whose lives have been affected by addiction and have benefited from the loving support of community throughout the recovery process.

By coming together, we know that we can work to make a difference in young women’s lives to provide financial support to obtain an education that would otherwise not be possible.

Amanda Marino, the founder of the idea for Women Empowering Women, came up with a plan of service to honor the life of childhood friend, Kim Kinkle, whose life was taken by the disease of addiction. With the help of others in the recovery community including Lisa Saunders, Heather Ann Adams, Mo Maynor, and Cynthia Weseman, the idea to honor Kim Kinkle has since blossomed into an inspirational gathering of recovered women with hearts to help others struggling with addiction.

Women Empowering Women in Recovery Inc, is a 501(c)(3) organization
committed to helping young women in recovery gain the opportunity to receive education through the power of support, love, and community.